ECT - Engine Cleaning Technology - Our name says it all

r-mc custom fabricated nozzle

ECT Inc., a manufacturer of gas turbine compressor cleaners and delivery systems for the turbomachinery market has operated continuously for more than three decades. ECT’s full line of products are fabricated in its ISO Compliant facility located in Pottstown, PA. To date, we have delivered more than 1000 gas turbine cleaning fluid injection systems.

The firm serves the specialty chemical and equipment needs of the aviation, gas turbine and other turbomachinery markets. ECT has developed R-MC (RMC) online and PowerBack crankwash cleaners, injection equipment and patented power augmentation systems for industrial gas turbines. ECT has used this compressor cleaning technology in a variety of other centrifugal and axial flow rotating equipment applications.

ECT mechanical designs include manifold nozzle rings and arrays for on and offline cleaning, power augmentation, fogging and NOx control. We also design and fabricate customized fluid delivery skids for each of these technologies. Each nozzle arrangement and delivery system is engineered to achieve the proper flow rate and droplet size while meeting the customers’ need for cost effectiveness, ease of maintenance and durability.

The nozzle components of our equipment are typically manufactured from 300 series stainless steel. All welds are performed and inspected to standard specifications. The skids are comprised of coated carbon steel, heavy duty pump/motor arrangements and a central control panel. Interconnect plumbing and wiring conforms to site specific specifications and standards.

In addition, we can provide engineering support services such as Performance Evaluations and CFD Modeling to offer each customer a turnkey option.

Our warrantee normally incorporates aftermarket technical assistance to assure sustained system functionality.

ECT offers a unique blend of specialty chemicals and fluid injection systems for a broad range of mechanical equipment,

  • Diesel and reciprocating engines
  • Gas turbines, jet engines
  • Centrifugal and axial compressors
  • Hardware: Fans, blowers
  • as well numerous custom applications