Markets Served

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Efficient Compressor Technologies

ECT has manufactured compressor wash chemicals and wash skid systems for the turbomachinery market for more than three decades. ECT’s full line of products are fabricated in its ISO Compliant facility located in Bridgeport, PA. The company serves the specialty cleaning and equipment needs of the aviation, industrial gas turbine, centrifugal flow compressor and diesel markets. In conjunction with it's European affiliates, ECT has delivered over 1000 gas turbine cleaning fluid injection systems worldwide.

Formerly an operating unit of Sermatech International, ECT has developed compressor cleaners, injection equipment, fogging nozzle grids and power augmentation for flight and industrial gas turbines along with a variety of other centrifugal and axial flow rotating equipment. ECT engineers mechanical designs to improve compressor efficiency.  These include online and offline cleaning nozzle assemblies, fog nozzle arrays, power augmentation nozzles and fluid delivery skids.

Every nozzle arrangement and delivery system is engineered for cost effectiveness, ease of maintenance and durability.

ECT offers a unique blend of specialty cleaners and fluid injection systems for a broad range of mechanical equipment, including;

- Gas turbines, jet engines
- Diesel and reciprocal engines
- Centrifugal and axial compressors
- Hardware: Fans, blowers
- as well numerous custom applications